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If President Trump thinks video games cause gun violence, could a video game help end it?

For too long, politicians have gone out of their way to avoid addressing gun violence through legislation. Instead, they often deflect the blame to social media, movies or video games. After mass shootings killed 31 in Dayton and El Paso, President Trump became the latest to play the blame game, citing video games as a cause of gun violence.

Rather than fight Trump’s logic, we decided to use it against him: If video games cause gun violence, then could a video game help end it?

Introducing the satirical video game, League of Legislators. Playing as a Member of Congress, the mission is simple: Avoid lobbyists and their dirty money, go to the Capital and sign gun legislation.

The game only takes a minute or two to play, underscoring the idea that enacting gun legislation isn’t hard to do. And when you reach the end, players are encouraged to share the game with President Trump and Mitch McConnell on social media. The goal is to put more and more public pressure on political leaders to take action to end gun violence.


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