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CJ Miles knows that you need a good night's sleep (and GoDaddy) to perform well

In 2018, GoDaddy recruited CJ Miles, and with the help of their online small business services, launched a product so revolutionary it changed the game.

Was it a new sneaker? A sports drink? A new car? Nope. Introducing CJ's PJ's, and the And-Onesie.

We launched our campaign with a mass media push, including television ads, OOH placements, and in-game sponsorship advertising.
Our awareness campaign drove fans to a fully-functioning e-commerce website where they could purchase their own pair of the infamous PJs.

Net proceeds from all sales on the site were donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.
The second phase of the campaign encouraged dreamers to continue to support CJ by purchasing his second product, the And-Onesie.
And on February 7th, the day of the NBA Trade Deadline, when CJ was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies we were ready to react.