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Nissan Canada focuses safety commitment on trick-or-treaters on Halloween

Every year on Halloween night, pedestrian collisions increase by 43%. Tragically, the majority involve children who are out on the streets trick-or-treating. This reality is unacceptable for Nissan Canada — an automotive company committed to road safety. Nissan Glow Guards were created proactively to help parents keep their kids safe on Halloween.

Nissan Glow Guards offers families an extra safety precaution during a dangerous time for pedestrians, without diminishing the fun associated with trick-or-treating. Glow Guards are reflective stickers designed for children’s costumes to make them more visible to drivers. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, they were distributed in 213 Nissan dealerships across Canada. Parents looking to protect their kids could just walk into a Nissan dealership and collect their free Glow Guards.

Online videos and social posts demonstrated how to use the stickers and directed parents to their local dealerships. Unexpectedly, dealers loved the idea so much that they created and uploaded their own Glow Guards content on social media.

Across the country, network news stations heard about the campaign. Their broadcasts featured Glow Guards and urged parents to pick up the stickers from dealers, which drove Nissan’s safety message even further and led to more foot traffic in dealerships.

In just two weeks, site traffic increased 5,480% on the “Find a Dealer” page on Nissan’s website. The campaign gained more than 14 million media impressions. And, most importantly, close to 200,000 Glow Guards were given away. Ultimately, kids were protected, parents visited dealerships, and Nissan’s simple safety message stuck with Canadians.