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The first 1:1 supercar NFT

Nissan was looking to launch the new GT-R Nismo but with a price tag of $280,000 and only 3 destined for Canada, the brand didn’t have a traditional advertising budget to promote the launch.

Recognizing NFT followers and car enthusiasts share the same passion for inspired design and a bold approach, we wanted to create an NFT that would celebrate the GT-R’s legacy and mark the launch of its most exclusive edition to date.

Playing into culture, we created a one-of-a-kind NFT that was created in partnership with futurist and digital artist Alex McLeod and auctioned it on the Rubix marketplace. The catch, the NFT also came with the keys of a Special Edition GT-R Nismo.

Results: (Within three weeks)

The one of a kind idea to auction an NFT with the keys to a supercar caught the attention of the world and quickly went viral; well beyond anyone’s expectations.

  • 21.7 million impressions

  • Featured in 115 media outlets, across 65 countries

  • Caused an auction media frenzy when a 2.3 million dollar bid was placed