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Disrupting the biggest night in Canadian music

The all-new Nissan KICKS is the first vehicle to feature innovative BOSE Headrest Speakers that give the driver a more immersive listening experience. It’s made for music lovers.
That’s why we targeted a younger audience on the biggest night in Canadian music, the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs).

Leading up to the event, we promoted a video using Twitter First View that asked users to create custom test tracks for the Nissan KICKS. And they did. Getting creative within the confines of 280 characters, they built tracks with epic jumps, loopdeloops and power-ups. And of course, a lot of emojis.

Throughout the MMVAs, we responded in real-time to the best tracks. We replied to their tweets with a new video that brought their creation to life, animating the KICKS conquering their track and building in little storylines within each video.

In just 5 hours, we animated 14 custom videos. We added new followers at 2,000% the normal rate. And earned #NissanKICKS 6.61 million impressions, 1.4 million video views and 1 cease and desist letter from the MMVAs. #SorryNotSorry