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How do we get a brand from the 70s on everyone’s lips in the age of social media?

Easy! We created language that embeds the product name into everyday conversations, literally putting the product on people’s lips.

We taught people how to speak Tic Tac with a series of our language tutorials on Facebook and Instagram, and shared testimonials on Spotify and Soundcloud. We created some Tictac-tful tips to help people navigate tough social situations and commented on cultural events, which allowed us to have a unique voice no matter what we were talking about.
Lastly with the help of influencers, we created the Bea-tictac-box: a sound kit made entirely from Tic Tac noises.

Our fans were able to embed Tic Tacs right into their music.
We talked Tic Tac about everything, and so did our fans. And that’s fantas-tictac.

We created a language. We then housed all the rules and regulations and the Tictac-tionary on our Facebook page.
After we created the language, we had to teach it. With targeted posts, we taught our followers how to Talk Tic Tac.
We created radio testimonials from people whose lives were changed for the better thanks to the Tic Tac language.
Our tips taught our followers how to navigate tough social situations with a Tic Tac twist.
We created a sound kit made for musicians, by musicians using Tic Tac noises (we partnered with influencers to help us create and promote the kit).