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Revitalizing an iconic brand after years of decline.

For almost 25 years, Tropicana had been the undisputed category leader. However, for the last five years, brand sales had softened. The problem was rooted in many years of fierce competitive battling over who had the best product credentials. Brands were saying the same thing: freshly squeezed, from the grove, great-tasting, 100% pure oranges. Tropicana no longer stood out as offering something special.

After conducting in-depth interviews with the brand’s loyal consumers, we learned that Tropicana is much more than juice. It is like a glass of sunshine that adds brightness to their day. Brightness that comes from the juice itself because every glass of Tropicana delivers a bright & zingy citrus taste, bright nutrition from Vitamin C, and bright orange colour from 100% freshly squeezed oranges. We also learned that brightness comes from emotions because Tropicana orange juice makes consumers feel uplifted, happy, joyful, and alive.

To develop a disruptive campaign for Tropicana, we used the brand’s orange and straw icon to represent both sides of Tropicana: one half of the icon represents amazing 100% pure fruit, and the other half represents the pure joy that comes from drinking it. The two halves come together to communicate “a spark of brightness” with the creative idea: That Tropicana Feeling.

The campaign had outstanding results: volume grew, share grew, and the share gap widened vs. #1 competitor from 8 to 15 percentage points.


The campaign obtained a silver award at the Effie Canada Awards.