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Launching UNICEF Canada’s brand campaign: The Right to a Childhood

UNICEF Canada has high awareness and trust amongst Canadians, but those positive attributes were not converting into donations. There were four main reasons for this:

  1. There is a lack of understanding in what UNICEF does.

  2. There is a misunderstanding about how UNICEF works.

  3. There is a misperception that they get donations from the United Nations (100% false).

  4. Some Canadians feel their small contribution to a global cause isn’t meaningful enough to make a difference (also false).

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Convention on the Rights of the Child in a way that celebrates the child within all of us, we developed a brand campaign called The Right to a Childhood.

The campaign highlighted the rights outlined in The Convention on the Rights of the Child: children have the right to safe water, education, nutrition, health, and protection.

To make it relatable to Canadians, the campaign also highlighted their rights to run through sprinklers, read a book that could change their lives, eat their vegetables (or not eat their vegetables), be healed with a hug, and even play outside without fear. These freedoms allow children to be children.

The campaign brings back Canadian’s favourite childhood memories, the moments we all might have taken for granted, and the luxuries that went unnoticed to us as children. With this goal in mind, we positioned the campaign to open Canadian’s eyes to the drastically different reality that so many kids around the world face every day.